Varon Vehicles and Airio collaborate to generate urban mobility routes for unmanned vehicles

Varon Vehicles and Airio have announced they are jointly collaborating to integrate Airio’s route generating capabilities into Varon Vehicle’s Traffic Management Systems (TMS). The partnership will integrate core components of Airio’s Intelligent Flightpath Navigation System. Varon Vehicles will use these integrated tools in their “Infrastructure Networks”, which are a set of company’s vertiports with virtual lanes over the low altitude city skies connecting them, and fleets of their electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) next generation, “green” aircraft for urban and sub urban use, servicing between them. These next-generation systems aim to be among the first in the world to advance Urban Air Mobility, providing fast, clean and safe transportation services.

Varon Vehicles’ eVTOLs need short, efficient flightpaths, that accommodate to the circumstances at the moment each flight is to be made. Airio’s technology will actively generate routes within assigned segregated airspaces, optimized for multiple aircraft, considering factors like active eVTOL traffic, battery duration, wind, rainfall, and even wildlife. Airio’s smart systems are designed to bring all of this information in real-time into each automated flightpath.

Airio’s Flightpath Navigation System uses proprietary mathematical algorithms to search, evaluate and select unique flightpaths for each vehicle operating in a shared airspace. The system provides critical information to both the on-board operator, as well as the ground-based TMS.

“We’re working to integrate the different components required in our Infrastructure Networks and Airio’s capability to generate smart, automated flightpaths crucial for safety and scalability”, says Felipe Varon, CEO and Founder. “We need to make our systems scalable and utterly safe. There’s only so much airspace we can occupy, which means we have to rely on highly automated systems for our operation, especially on smart ways to generate optimum routes for each flight, on the go. These capabilities by far exceed those of humans in determining the safest and most efficient routes, with all the dynamic variables involved.”

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