Varon and TruWeather partner to produce weather data inputs into urban UTM systems

Varon Vehicles and TruWeather Solutions have jointly announced a strategic collaboration to integrate weather and micro-weather capabilities into Varon Vehicle’s Traffic Management Systems (TMS).

According to a company press release:

“Varon Vehicles is designing an inter-connected network of vertiports with on-ramp and off-ramps connected to virtual lanes over the low altitude city skies. Varon Vehicles is leading a consortium of global stakeholders and will fly next generation Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft for urban use to deliver transportation services between their vertiports and integrate with other transportation modes. Varon Vehicles’ blueprint for dynamic Infrastructure Networks is a new form of mobility infrastructure with the potential for demonstrating how to move people and cargo in congested urban environments.”

“There are many components involved in our Infrastructure Networks and weather management will play a key role in our operation”, says Felipe Varon, CEO and Founder. “Being able to confidently anticipate and predict micro-weather is crucial for safety and efficiency of our operations. We’re relying on the best systems providers with proven technologies to implement our systems, and we’re really glad to be collaborating with TruWeather Solutions as we develop our novel transportation services.”

“Smart weather infrastructure and micro-weather hazard detect and avoid services for a smooth-running air-based transport system is critical to increase aircraft revenue generation and for clients to feel comfortable knowing that their ride will show up when needed” says Don Berchoff, CEO of TruWeather Solutions. “Building weather resiliency into the transportation system must start in the planning phase to ensure weather resilient placement of vertiports and virtual highways to account for building induced wake turbulence and building induced wind funneling effects. Varon Vehicles is a thought-leader in Urban Air Mobility and understands the importance of urban micro-weather considerations. We are thrilled about our collaboration with Varon Vehicles to demonstrate smart weather infrastructure placement and urban weather strategy as a force-multiplier in executing a predictable and well-functioning TMS.”

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