Vacancy for an Air Mobility System Engineer to support Airbus UAM/UTM activities in Germany

Airbus is searching for an Air Mobility System Engineer to support the company’s U-Space and Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) activities based in Munich, Germany. The role is part of the start-up-like entity Airbus Urban Mobility GmbH. AUM has been set up as the central entrepreneur of the UAM organization within the Group and acts as the program for the eVTOL development as well as the system integrator for UAM. In that context, it covers the pillars of vehicle, take-off & landing infrastructure and (unmanned) traffic management to prepare the integration in cities and future commercial passenger operations.

The role includes build up system-of-systems know-how and capabilities for Airspace / U-space simulation, and contributing to the architecture, design and integration of an air mobility system in Germany.

Airbus is developing the emerging eVTOL domain (electrical vertical take-off and landing) to open up the sky over cities and regions to offer a complementary urban mobility solution through the third dimension. This might still sound futuristic but the Vahana and CityAirbus eVTOL demonstrators have proven the technical readiness. At AUM we recognise that the full potential from urban air mobility solutions can be only achieved through engaging with a wide range of stakeholders while offering public value from the third dimension of urban mobility through responsible research and innovation.

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