US ATO seeks engineering support advice to improve NAS resilience, compatibility with UAS

The Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Operational Concepts, Validation, and Requirements Directorate (AJV-7) For Systems Engineering and Technical Support Services has issued a call for tender for a non-personal support services contract to provide systems engineering and technical support services for operational needs assessment, concept exploration, development, and verification, as well as requirements continuity, for NAS system and service enhancements for programs under the purview of AJV-7.

AJV-7 is charged with identifying air traffic–related shortfalls and developing, integrating, and prioritizing ATO requirements based on operational needs. This includes concept engineering and requirements validation (CE&RV) for new services, enhancements to existing services, technology transfer from the research community, and replacement of obsolete technology. Within AJV-7, the Technical Analysis and Operational Requirements Group (AJV-73) provides engineering and project management expertise to ensure technical and programmatic aspects are considered in all concept maturation and product development efforts.

AJV-7’s major multi-year initiatives include, but are not limited to, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), flight data modernization, aeronautical information management, enroute and terminal improvements, traffic flow management, and commercial space. Specifically, AJV-7 conducts the overall analysis and planning for the development, integration, and subsequent implementation of air traffic–enabling capabilities within the National Airspace System (NAS) for each program under AJV-7’s purview. AJV-7 leads concept and requirements exploration, development, and validation to support budget planning and investment decisions.

The current terminal (Terminal Radar Approach Control [TRACON] and Tower) and enroute (Air Route Traffic Control Center [ARTCC]) domains are not as efficient as they need to be to meet current and future air traffic capacity requirements. these shortfalls must be further explored—in accordance with systems engineering best practices—to define, validate, and allocate requirements to existing and future NAS systems and services. This will enable AJV-7 to identify optimal solutions and provide sound investment recommendations to support the safe implementation of necessary improvements and new capabilities within the NAS.

The purpose of this Contract is to conduct analyses of potential air traffic–related deficiencies, refine the definition of proposed concepts and requirements, and validate them as viable necessary additions to the NAS.

Solicitation Number: 33852

Response date: 8 July 2019

Agency: Department of Transportation

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