US Air Force selects Black Sage and S3 to test novel lidar detection solutions for drones

The US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has awarded Black Sage a contract worth USD4.5 million to investigate novel lidar sensing solutions that improve drone detection and discrimination. Black Sage and Spectral Sensor Solutions (S3), a leading provider of lidar-based threat sensing capabilities, are teamed to conduct the research program named: Lidar Unmanned Aerial System Detection and Discrimination (LUASDD).

The lidar research and experimentation will be conducted at Black Sage’s new test facility, Sage Works. S3 develops state-of-the-art high-power long-range lidar solutions that utilize multiple active sensing techniques.

“Sage Works was built to emulate a Forward Operating Base (FOB) incorporating a complete C-UAS system within a significant uncontrolled airspace and land use for our Red team to test and evaluate operationally relevant profiles,” said Marshal Minder, Director of Integration at Black Sage.

“Our approach to C-UAS has always been a layered approach that fuses data from multiple sensors such as radar, electro-optical (EO) / infrared (IR) cameras, and passive RF sensors,” said Tim Morris, Black Sage Program Manager for LUASDD. “Lidar brings another layer of sensor data that can potentially address threat detection scenarios and environmental conditions that present challenges to radar or EO/IR sensors.”

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