Urban weather stations in Japan to provide real-time data for drone flights

A collaboration between NTT Communications and Kyoto University’s Metroweather plans to acquire wind speed and wind direction data in urban areas so that drones can fly safely for logistic purposes.

Metroweather’s high-performance atmospheric measurement device “Doppler Rider” is due to be installed in the telecommunications towers and stations that NTT Communications has deployed nationwide. With a 1 meter square footprint, the equipment is considerably smaller than conventional systems, and can be placed on the roof of a building or a steel tower.

The Metroweather system will analyse the movements of the wind every 100 meters so that logistics companies can avoid strong winds and fly drones in urban areas safely. The objective is to measure wind speed and direction in real time and present the 3D data on a map in an easy-to-understand manner.

This collaboration was established as conventional observation data from the Japan Meteorological Agency could not assess the wind conditions in detail.

A total of 50 “Doppler Rider” will be installed and in three years from now Metroweather hopes to expand the programme to full-scale development.

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