UK space agency sets out future requirements in Space Domain Awareness document

The UK Space Agency and the UK Ministry of Defence has published the UK government’s requirements for Space Domain Awareness (SDA) to inform industry of potential future requirements for the government’s Space sector.

The Space Domain Awareness – Requirements for the government space sector establishes a baseline set of SDA requirements to underpin dual-use, civil and military system of systems, and for transparency purposes for industry.

The space agency says the requirements will be subject to regular review, and shared where possible, to keep pace with operational and technological advances in a rapidly changing domain. More detailed subsets of these requirements will be made available via appropriate commercial routes as part of procurements for elements of the SDA system of systems.

The UK National and Defence Space Strategies (NSS and DSS) were published in 2021 and 2022 respectively and state the UK’s ambitions with respect to the Space domain, providing clear strategic direction to deliver improved Space Domain Awareness (SDA). The strategies also highlight the importance of working across civil and defence sectors with a single integrated approach. UK Space Command and the UK Space Agency (UKSA) are working closely to progress towards the stated aims particularly delivery of the National Space Operations Centre (NSpOC).

As part of this broader programme, SDA will be delivered via a system of systems approach, making full use of opportunities to work with international partners and purchase off the shelf solutions which complement UK national capabilities, whilst protecting sensitive data and continuing to provide capability assurance. This approach will be underpinned by a set of cross-government SDA requirements which have been developed by MOD and UKSA in partnership with various stakeholders across government. The baseline requirements are detailed within this document.

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