UK research funds BVLOS trial in non-segregated airspace with ‘see and avoid’ capability

UK Research and Innovation is funding an innovative project to demonstrate BVLOS UAS ops in non-segregated airspace in the UK. A consortium including ANRA Technologies, Plane Finder, Trax International and uAvinonix is conducting a trial at Goodwood Aerodrome to demonstrate Detect And Avoid (DAA) capability presented as part of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM). A live trial is planned to take place in 2021 in partnership with Goodwood Aviation Innovation.

Temporary Danger Areas (TDA) are currently established in the UK to provide airspace segregation between BVLOS ops and other airspace users. As demand increases, multiple TDAs pose a safety risk in terms of airspace complexity and efficiency. The project aims to deliver a known environment, without need for a TDA, in which all airspace users are detected and presented to the UAS operator in order to demonstrate DAA capability equivalent to ‘See and Avoid’ capability of manned aircraft under VFR.

These technologies will be harmonised using ANRA Technologies’ UAS Traffic Management system to improve safety and enable BVLOS ops. The project will take advantage of the UK CAA’s intention to utilize 978 MHz as a second ADS-B frequency to share TIS-B data with other airspace users.

The Aviation Innovation Centre, a joint venture between Across Safety and Goodwood Aviation, provides manufacturers and operators of innovative manned and unmanned aviation technologies with the airspace, facilities and services needed for the testing, development and demonstration of their aircraft, procedures and equipment.

(Image: uAvionix)

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