UK CAA issues pre-procurement notice for remote ID integration providers to bolster scalability

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has issued a pre-procurement notice for a remote ID integration provider who will be expected to build, operate and maintain the service.


As part of the UK’s overall Remote ID technical architecture, the CAA plans to contract for the development, implementation and maintenance of the RID Integration Provider, which is a new system for the CAA. The Remote ID Integration Provider (often known as the InterUSS Layer or component) will serve as a critical communication backbone for the overall Remote ID service, enabling the efficient gathering and exchange of data between multiple network RID service providers (Section B of this RFI) and the Master Data Hub.

This essential element promotes seamless interoperability and collaboration within the drone ecosystem, ensuring that relevant information is securely transmitted and shared across various system components, enhancing overall connectivity and coordination. It will enable the efficient and secure exchange of information between components, allowing stakeholders to interact with the hybrid Remote ID system.

The Remote ID Integration Provider will develop, implement and maintain the Integration Layer for all the Remote ID service providers, ensuring the Remote ID Service Providers can communicate with one other and that all Remote ID data is coordinated centrally and then shared with the Master Data Hub.

Drones in flight will emit Remote ID data (time stamp, ID, location etc). This data will be emitted for every second that required Open Category and all Specific Category drones are in operation, and will be picked up by the Remote ID Service Providers. The Remote ID Integration Provider will establish the coordination Layer between the Service Providers, and the Master Data Hub which will store all RID data in real time and create historical records.

The Remote ID Integration Provider would be expected to build, operate and maintain a service

Remote ID Service Provider(s):

Remote ID Service Providers enable the real-time identification and tracking of drones by ensuring that registered drones can be easily identified and that their operators are in compliance with the established regulations. The chosen decentralised architecture features multiple instances of network Remote ID service APIs, representing various network Remote ID service providers, which in turn bolsters scalability, reliability and service accessibility. Remote ID Service Providers would be expected to build, operate and maintain a service which:

  • Supports the input and management of UAS identification information, including aircraft registration
  • Implements Remote ID Integration Provider APIs for seamless integration and data exchange with other Remote ID Service Providers
  • Ensures data encryption during transmission to and from the Remote ID Integration Provider
  • Is scalable to handle increasing numbers of UAS and Remote ID Service Providers.

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