uAvionix SkyLine command and control network adds LTE support option

uAvionix is offering its new muLTElink airborne radio manager for beta testing. The LTE support capability onboard the aircraf is an addition to the company’s SkyLine Command and Control (C2) Network which offers the ability to roam across multiple ground stations. With the addition of muLTElink, SkyLine not only supports seamless transition in-flight between different onboard C2 radios such as ISM and C-Band, it provides the possibility to leverage the integral diversity LTE radio without latency or risk of a lost link, according to uAvionix.

Avoiding a lost link scenario is critical to Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS).  Every radio and frequency has advantages and disadvantages depending on the geographic location and altitude of the operation.  muLTElink allows for seamless and lossless switching between one radio type and another.   For example, LTE coverage may work very well under 400’ in a given location, but as the aircraft transitions to higher altitudes or more rural locations, the need arises to switch to an alternate link such as C-Band to maintain positive control of the aircraft.

SkyLine monitors and records comprehensive in-flight data for operators to prove platform and infrastructure integrity. Operational and commercial customers, including the North Dakota Vantis network and the Choctaw Nation UAS Test Site, currently use uAvionix’s SkyLine for UAS and AAM.

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