UAV Navigation-Grupo Oesía releases version 9 of its flight control system

UAV Navigation-Grupo Oesía has released a new version of its flight control system. The flight control computer software software allows the Spanish company’s clients to execute advanced functionalities, such as the autonomous replanning of the flight plan and execution of 4D trajectories to reach a target waypoint (WP) within a specific time frame or Multi-UAV and Multi-GCS missions.

The new version of the software provides the following functionalities:

  1. Mission Replanning for Automatic Sense and Avoidance or Geofencing

When an unauthorised fly zone is detected in the path of the autopilot mission, the system will recalculate the flight executing an automatic alternative route to avoid the detected zone and reach the desired destination safely.

  1. Multi-UAV and USV Operations Improved with New Intercommunication among the Vehicles.

Autopilots installed on different platforms can exchange information to allow the designated operator (DO) to see the other vehicles on the Visionair Ground Control Station software. Additional  improvements have been made to the telemetry to allow more UAVs to use the same radio link.

  1. Multi-GCS Capabilities

The autopilot can detect commands received from more than one GCS simultaneously, allowing seamless GCS handover that helps users perform advanced operation monitoring and control from multiple ground control stations located in different places.

  1. 4D Trajectory for Executing Accurate Actions.

The system allows the selection of the exact time the autopilot has to arrive at a specific WP. Moreover, in multi-UAV operations, the aircraft will be able to fly at a specific time away from another aircraft.

  1. Improvements in Maritime Operations.

The flight control computer includes the “Follow Target” command to allow a UAV to follow a given mobile reference with a time delay, which refines the advanced maritime capabilities of the flight control system.

  1. Online Map to Widen the Mission Following Awareness.

When an internet connection is available, it is possible to use the online world map to download the map in real time.

  1. Other features:
  • Alarms panel renovation.
  • Primary Flight Display (PFD) enhanced showing the vertical speed indicator.
  • Local network panel available.
  • New emergency parachute deployment conditions.
  • Visual interface modifications to improve user experience.

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