UAV Navigation and Sagetech Avionics collaborate to develop sense and avoid capability

UAV Navigation has established a strategic alliance with Sagetech Avionics in order to integrate Sagetech’s MX family of transponders with UAV Navigation’s flight control system and VECTOR autopilot. The aim is to improve identification of every aircraft in flight in order to show their location to surrounding aircraft and air traffic control in an Unmanned Air Traffic Management (UTM) environment. This is necessary to support coordinated, efficient and safe operation of all vehicles under air traffic regulations.

With the integration of the MX family of transponders – developed by Sagetech Avionics for UAVs – UAV Navigation has started developing a new sense and avoid system for unmanned aircraft. Sagetech’s ADS-B In and Out and antenna diversity capabilities, along with its integration with VECTOR, allows the autopilot to be able to know the surroundings aircrafts’ position and to send this information to the Ground Control Station, Visionair.

The mission control software releases automatic alerts to make the operator aware of other aircraft’s proximity. Thanks to this procedure, the operator will be able to evaluate the execution of avoidance actions such as loiter, hover or an altitude change. This lays the foundation to develop automatic avoidance manoeuvres in the future.

The collaboration not only allows direct compatibility between the products offered by these two companies, but also paves the way for a better understanding. It allows a better comprehension of the necessities of the final operators in order to develop a technology that will allow facing new operational and legislative challenges, in the near future.

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