UAM workshop discusses results of Flying Forward 2020, AiRMOUR, and AURORA research – 14 Dec

On 14 December 2022, three EU-funded projects join forces to present the findings of their first use cases and insights from the projects from a practical perspective. The Navigating the Opportunities and Obstacles in UAM online workshop reviews the research carried out by Flying Forward 2020, AiRMOUR, and AURORA projects.

Before diving into each use case, Miguel Martí Vidal, Aviation Project Manager (H2020-Horizon Europe Transport Research) at CINEA, will explain the importance of drone use cases and living labs as a test bed for emerging technology before their application in cities.

The workshop will also showcase each project’s challenges and how they overcame them. With these insights and participants’ perspectives, the workshop intends to identify new opportunities from challenges in UAM. By discussing our practical experience with stakeholders, it aims to contribute to the knowledge expansion of the required infrastructure for the implementation of Urban Air Mobility in Europe. In addition, it promotes cross-collaboration and knowledge sharing between projects and the whole UAM ecosystem.

Break out sessions:

  1. The role of the regulatory framework in automatic and autonomous flights (AiRMOUR)
  2. The hiccups of technology maturity in the UAM/UAS industry (FF2020)
  3. Accepting a new vision for our cities (AURORA)

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