UAM airspace monitoring company Hidden Level announces Uber Elevate tie-up

Hidden Level, a venture-backed company specializing in low altitude airspace monitoring, announced today a collaboration with Uber Elevate.

According to a company press release: “Together the companies aim to advance the safety of urban air mobility operations in the U.S. national airspace system. Uber Elevate is Uber’s initiative to promote safe, reliable, clean, and affordable air mobility services through networks of electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles (eVTOL). Through this partnership, Hidden Level and Uber Elevate have agreed to share expertise in designing and deploying scalable airspace operations based on data generated from Hidden Level’s custom-built sensors, which are strategically installed in dense urban environments.”

“Hidden Level is committed to bringing our cutting edge sensor technology service to safely increase the density of low altitude airspace operations, including looking at the future with Urban Air Mobility,” said Jeff Cole, CEO, Hidden Level. “This partnership with Uber Elevate is a reflection of our shared vision to enable innovative technology solutions with safety as a priority, a tenet we describe as Safety Through Sensing™”.

“The Uber platform was built with safety in mind, and the Uber Elevate team is committed to building upon the aviation industry’s robust safety standards as we bring this new form of on-demand air mobility to our riders,” said Tom Prevot, Director of Airspace Systems. “Our partnership with Hidden Level seeks to enhance our ability to demonstrate the ways in which Uber Air will meet industry safety standards, and we look forward to collaboration in the years ahead.”

According to a Hidden Level statement, the company employs a team of experienced sensor experts, having built innovative sensor solutions for both military and commercial customers over the past decade. Hidden Level removes the burden from its customers of owning, operating, and maintaining expensive and rapidly changing sensor technology by delivering only the actionable data that they need at a fraction of the cost with its Airspace Monitoring Service.

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