U-ELCOME to host advisory board consultation workshop 24 October in Bari, Italy

The SESAR U-ELCOME project is researching implementation of U-space U1 and U2 services to take flight towards a future where routine commercial drone operations across Europe become a reality by 2026.  To reach TRL8, one step away from full deployment, U-ELCOME spans across more than 50 sites located in Spain, Italy, and France.

U-ELCOME is crafting a handbook for U-space implementation based on this collective European experience. This guide will encompass insights from U-ELCOME itself, the related BURDI and EALU-AER projects, and national implementations.

To gather the knowledge needed to create this comprehensive handbook, U-ELCOME is hosting the Advisory Board Consultation Workshop to explore the best practices and common approaches to U-space implementation at the end of October. The workshop coincides with the Drones Beyond 2023 Exhibition and Conference from 24-26 October 2023.

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