Tele2, foodora and Aerit partner to launch food delivery services in Sweden

Communications company Tele2 has partnered with food delivery company foodora to launch food deliveries using IoT and 5G connected drones. Drone technology is supplied by Aerit, integrated with foodora’s technology platform, to provide an efficient delivery experience connected with the latest 5G technology from Tele2.

The deliveries will be made wherever possible to the customers’ property or garden and lowered with a cable from the drone, with the first deliveries taking place in the spring on Värmdö, outside Stockholm, says the press release.

Foodora Air operates a fleet of electric drones that, with the help of 5G technology from Tele2, will provide a food delivery service from a number of restaurants on Värmdö, outside Stockholm.

The drones have a range of 21 kilometers and emit 2 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer, which can be compared to traditional gasoline or diesel-powered delivery vehicles that emit 143 and 110 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre, respectively.

Tele2 will provide continuous connectivity for the drones based on 5G IoT (Internet of Things) technology. Drones require both short response times and the ability to send and receive large amounts of data to handle deliveries safely, supported by 5G.

Deliveries will, where possible, be made directly to customers’ properties or gardens and lowered with a cable from the air. Deliveries will commence in May on Värmdö, and food can be ordered through the foodora app. The goal is to expand to more areas in Sweden so that more locations can have access to the same service available in major cities.

Technical information foodora Air:

Maximum range: 21 kilometers

Maximum delivery range: 12 kilometers

Maximum delivery weight: 4 kilograms

Weather capacity: Can fly in rain, wind, and snow

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