Swift Navigation and Deutsche Telekom partnership promises improved position accuracy for drones

Deutsche Telekom has announced a partnership with California-based Swift Navigation to bring the precise positioning of Swift’s Skylark Cloud Corrections Services to Telekom’s communications infrastructure. The partners are providing a new Precise Positioning service in the US and Germany, and plan expansion across Europe. Developed initially for ground-based autonomous markets, the service is also designed for drones.

According to a Deutsche Telekom press release:

“Standard GNSS positioning is accurate to three to five meters which is not suitable for autonomous systems. For higher levels of autonomous capability, high-precision localization is required to deliver accuracy down to the centimetre. This partnership brings the <10cm accuracy of Swift’s precise positioning solution to Telekom customers.

“Precise Positioning is a wide area, cloud-based GNSS corrections service that delivers real-time high-precision positioning to autonomous vehicles. The service is hardware-independent, allowing customers to choose their GNSS sensor ecosystem. It delivers a continuous stream of multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS corrections for a high-availability service that combines lane-level accuracy and world-class integrity at a continental scale.”

For ease in testing and integration, Swift and Telekom have created a Precise Positioning Evaluation Kit. This kit includes two workshops (onboarding and result review), testing hardware and software to connect to the Precise Positioning network for a three-month evaluation period and is available to purchase.

“Swift Navigation is excited to continue our work with Telekom to bring Swift’s precise positioning GNSS expertise to Telekom’s broad customer base,” said Timothy Harris, Co-Founder and CEO at Swift Navigation. “This partnership is just the beginning of our joint service offering for autonomous vehicles across the EU.”

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