Sumitomo looks to quantum computing to support safe operation of thousands of unmanned vehicles

Sumitomo Corporation, Tohoku University and OneSky have commenced a pilot program for developing thousands of flight routes for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) vehicles by quantum computing starting from June 2021 and ending on December 2021. This pilot program aims to advance future air mobility, in which numerous UAM vehicles including air taxis, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) will be flying.

Under the pilot program, optimized flight routes and scheduling for UAM vehicles and UAV will be developed by leveraging quantum computing technology. Sumitomo Corporation will oversee the entire project and simulate UAM vehicles and UAV flying in urban areas leveraging OneSky Systems, Inc.’s UTM system and utilizing quantum computing technologies by Tohoku University.

OneSky is leveraging Quantum Computing to better understand the highly complex nature of optimizing hundreds of thousands of unmanned aircraft operations. It looks at many different flight variables, including vehicle performance, load capacity, geography and weather, to develop fully optimized scheduling & flight routes for thousands of UAM and UAV flights.

Sumitomo Corporation through Sumitomo Corporation of Americas acquired a stake in OneSky Systems in April 2020, and is contributing to building the future advanced air mobility ecosystem. Sumitomo inaugurated the QX Project (Quantum Transformation Project) to revolutionize society through quantum technology in March 2021. Through the QX Project, Sumitomo as an integrated trading company aims to be a leader in achieving social change with quantum technology.

Tohoku University is leading university for quantum technology, as demonstrated through their participation and thought leadership in numerous pilot experiments. It concluded a collaborative research agreement with Sumitomo Corporation in March, 2021 and will accelerate the application of the quantum computer.

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