Stockholm seeks drone-in-a-box for city management

The City of Stockholm is looking for a drone-in-a-box system that could be piloted this coming autumn. Stockholm is considering various innovations to help it optimise and improve city management and utilise aerial imagery.

The Request for Proposals aims to procure a service from experienced drone operators providing a remotely operated drone-in-a-box system to deliver aerial inspection data for the city. It would also support the CITYAM project, which promotes a responsible and acceptable increase in urban air mobility (UAM) through transnational cooperation in the Baltic Sea region.

The required drone service would assist with traffic flow management, parking optimisation, environmental zones monitoring, waste management and the planning of cleaning and snow removal, and permit compliance and city planning project documentation.

It is expected that two flights per weekday will be performed during the project’s operational phase, which should be 30 weekdays. The installation and flights will be performed in the ES R113 restriction area in Stockholm, pending coordination with authorities, or in Farsta in and/or outside of the controlled traffic region, where a temporary restriction area could be set up by the drone operator. The imagery data should be provided within four hours of the end of the flight. 

In addition to the operational benefits, the City of Stockholm also hopes that the introduction of a municipality hosted drone service would enable learning and citizen engagement, fostering the uptake of UAM in a responsible manner.

The City of Stockholm and Kista Science City are responsible for the request and the pilot.

Kista Science City

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