St Louis formulates new law preventing unauthorised drone operations over the city

St Louis is finalising new legislation to reduce the risk of unauthorised or dangerous drone operations in the city. According to a report in DroneDJ, St Louis is finalising an ordinance requiring anyone flying UAVs for commercial purposes to obtain a specific city authorization, in addition to having a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107 license.

City governors have passed an amendment to the city’s code following one company’s proposal to operate drone overflights in the Gravois Park area, despite objections by residents. The city has responded by passing a restriction that applies to all drone users. The legislation does not “preempt federal aviation rules or state law; including a severability clause and emergency clause.”

As a result, anybody wanting to fly a drone commercially in St. Louis will need to get municipal approval, then obey federal operating rules as required by their Part 107 license. Exceptions are to be made for media and public service operators.

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