SPH Engineering launches centralised drone flight management software

Managing multiple drone flights using a single system is the function of new centralised command and control software from SPH Engineering. The company’s UgCS Command & Control (UgCS CC) is designed to manage multiple drones in search and rescue (SAR), police and security operations from anywhere in the world. The single command centre brings together all video streams, 3D maps, place marks and other incoming drone data to provide real-time situational awareness. The UgCS CC interface allows users to simultaneously view multiple video streams along with a 3D map of the mission terrain with the actual coordinates of the drones. Both the operator and the pilots can manually control the drones when needed, as well as add place marks for particular areas with attached geolocation and inspection images.

The software comes in two versions: the Team Edition, for quick-to-deploy mobile operation centres fit for any environment; and the Enterprise Solution, for stationery command centres with advanced data security requirements. Both versions support a wide range of drone models from diverse producers and are designed to be integrated into existing infrastructure.

(Image: SPH Engineering UgCS SAR search pattern tool)

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