Skyway, Skyportz collaboration aims to expand urban air mobility infrastructure in Australia

Skyway, an Urban Air Traffic Management (UATM) operation centre and air traffic navigation provider, and Skyportz, a Melbourne company focused on securing access to a range of vertiport development locations, are collaborating in a new partnership to expand the infrastructure for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) in Australia, says the press release. This partnership will bring together Skyway’s expertise in urban airspace navigation, vertiport planning and development, and vertiport management systems with Skyportz’ network of potential landing sites across the continent.

Skyportz is a vertiport developer with ready-to-activate sites throughout Australia, including existing helipads and airports, suburban and urban locations such as business parks, shopping centres, car parking garages, industrial sites, and greenfield city fringe developments. The company is also helping property developers to future-proof their projects so they can offer access to air taxi and freight services as soon as they start operating.

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