Skyports Drone Services launches large scale hiring programme to support international scale up

Drone operator Skyports Drone Services has launched a large scale employment programme aimed at recruiting personnel to support the roll out of drone operations across existing and emerging markets. The Hub Operator Programme is an open call for applicants willing to travel for extended periods of time and work at the cutting edge of drone operations.

The programme has been launched by Skyports Drone Services I n a bid to develop operational support and expertise across the company’s key markets for 2023, including Colombia, UAE, the UK, Kenya and Korea. With the drone industry booming, the programme highlights a need for new expertise and capabilities to enable the benefits of drone operations to be realised and scaled.

Successful applicants to the Hub Operator Programme will work alongside Skyports Drone Services’ team of experienced drone pilots to support flight operations. Hub Operators will support through the execution of non-safety critical roles, including: assisting the management and set up of flight hubs to enable efficient and safe aircraft landings and departures; the execution of key checklists required for the safe operation of Skyports Drone Services’ aircraft; and situational awareness support. Applicants will undertake extensive training and ongoing guidance throughout the programme to ensure they meet Skyports Drone Services high safety standard, according to the press release.

Suitable Hub Operator candidates will be available for a minimum of three months a year (this can be split up throughout the year) and will be expected to travel for between one and eight weeks at a time. For applicants wishing to continue working within the drone industry after the programme, there will be opportunities to explore permanent roles in the business.

Alex Brown, Director, Skyports Drone Services, said: “Demand for drone operations has sky rocketed in the last 18 months and we’re busier than ever with our delivery, survey and monitoring services. The Hub Operator Programme will enable us to achieve the ambitions we have set for ourselves in the year ahead, ensuring we always have people at the ready to support us in the deployment of our operations. Workforce development is a critical, but often forgotten, consideration in the growth of a new industry. With the Hub Operator programme, we hope to future proof our operations and inspire more people to join this exciting, rapidly growing industry.”

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