Simlat develops simulator for safety agencies to visualise and manage rogue drone incidents

By Arie Egozi

Israel’s Simlat, a manufacturer of aviation simulators, has developed the Polaris specialist simulator to help drone operators and regulatory bodies simulate drone flights in congested areas and develop new safety and security procedures.

Polaris simulates UAS traffic at scale, simulating the behavior of “rogue” or malfunctioning UAS and the the clutter made by thousands of automated flights

The UAS flight simulation is based on the company’s Full Crew Stand Alone Training System (C-STAR), which helps build the skill sets required for modern UAS operations. According to the company, it supports basic to advanced training from routine operations – such as takeoff and landing – through to advanced piloting skills, like safe recovery following an emergency and mission-training for first responders, wind farm inspectors and more.

The company says that Polaris can be integrated into airspace management systems and can create critical situations – like a drone flying over a busy international airport.

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