Shenzhen reaches record number of drone operations with 600,000 flights in 2023

A report published by the Shenzhen Daily says Shenzhen achieved a milestone in drone deliveries, surpassing 600,000 flights in 2023 and claiming the top spot among Chinese cities, data from the city’s transport bureau revealed.

The city opened 77 new unmanned aerial vehicle routes and established 73 new landing and takeoff points for unmanned aerial vehicles last year, says the report. It also initiated infrastructure construction for low-altitude smart integration and started building digital infrastructure such as the Smart Integrated Low Airspace System (SILAS), which consists of the Internet of Airspace, Internet of Navigating Routes, and Network of Services, according to the report.

At the end of 2023, the city implemented measures to support the development of the low-altitude economy, aiming to expand the scale of its low-altitude logistics market and open more delivery routes by offering incentives to industry players.

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