Terma reveals “revolutionary drone detection radar capability” in addition to existing radars

The release of a new, innovative drone detection solution for the SCANTER 5000 series radars, encompassing a suite of capabilities that offer precision detection above and beyond that achievable with current radars, marks a significant leap forward, according to a company press release on 15 January. The launch follows the October 2022 unveiling of similar capability for naval surveillance radars in the SCANTER 6000 series.

Featuring artificial intelligence and machine learning abilities, the radar analyses incoming data in order to detect drones with exceptional accuracy, differentiating between drones and other airborne objects, such as flocks of birds and aircraft. Detecting (then classifying) a 5kg drone at a range of 10km, the SCANTER 5000 series now outperform their closest competitors, according to the company, providing operators with extended response time and enhanced situational awareness and response capabilities. The system’s counter-drone capability follows the Detect, Track, Classify and Identify protocol.

“With its unparalleled precision, comprehensive data analysis, and impressive range, our drone detection capability sets a new standard for the industry,” said Terma’s Chief Specialist, Radar, Products & Programmes, Jesper Tolstrup.

For more information: www.terma.com

(Image: The new capability enables SCANTER 5000 series radars to detect, track, classify and identify threat UAVs at ranges up to 5km. Credit: Terma).

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