SESAR SAFIR-Med partners plan cross-border medical delivery demonstrations in September

SESAR SAFIR-Med partners have announced the next step for the industrial research project. Test flights with trial cross-border medical transport by drone will take place in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion (MAHHL) region. The demonstration plan was developed and coordinated between all MAHHL-participants. This includes the definition of safety risks and also on-going discussion with local aviation authorities on both sides of the border. This will be followed by the detailed planning of the missions.

As a partner of the SAFIR-Med project Droniq is taking care of safe integration of drones into the airspace during the flights.

The Meuse-Rhine Euregion is a cross-border region that brings together three countries (Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands) as well as five sub-regions: the Belgian provinces of Limburg and Liège, the southern part of the Dutch Limburg province, the Region of Aachen and the German-speaking community in Belgium.

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