Digital sky research project Di-PEGASUS launched under EuroUSC Italia leadership

Digital sky research project Di-PEGASUS – DIgital comPEtitive next Generation Aviation technologies for SUStainable business models, products, and services – held its kickoff meeting, hosted by project coordinator EuroUSC Italia.

Di-PEGASUS aims to enable fully autonomous, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly operations for seaplanes, VTOL, and drones. To achieve this ambitious goal, the project will develop cutting-edge technologies for both the air and ground sides. What sets this project apart is the holistic approach towards sustainability and business viability.

Di-PEGASUS will also develop a digital platform designed to evaluate the viability of specific business models in different locations. This will include considerations for digital technologies, Key Performance Indicators (cost-effectiveness, job creation, emissions savings, investment costs), and regulatory compliance. The platform will also provide valuable insights and recommendations for policy makers and stakeholders hosting these services. It will identify safety assurance processes, regulatory compliance gaps, and suggest ways to address them.

As Project Coordinator EuroUSC Italia aims to deliver the smooth implementation of the use cases, by supervising and monitoring their implementation based on the Use Case Conceptual framework and roadmap. Finally, EuroUSC Italia will ensure adherence to ethical requirements.

“Di-PEGASUS represents a leap into the future of aviation, where sustainability and innovation coalesce.” states the Project Coordinator Marco Ducci: “EuroUSC Italia is proud to lead this transformative project, steering it towards a future where autonomous aviation is not just a dream but a reality.”

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