AiRMOUR project publishes guidebook for UAM integration into cities

The Urban Air Mobility Integration Guidebook has been published by the SESAR AiRMOUR research consortium at the Elevating Urban Air Mobility event at European Convention Center Luxembourg (ECCL). The guidebook (Deliverable 6.4) is available in English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French and Dutch.

The guidebook is designed to help city and regional decision makers, as well as Urban Air Mobility (UAM) operators, understand whether and how investing in urban air mobility is likely to provide benefits. Additionally, the intention is to present what questions and elements are involved in implementing a successful and sustainable UAM service network. The guidebook is also relevant for other stakeholders in Europe, as it combines the four main points of view relevant to UAM: urban design and mobility; aviation safety; public acceptance and UAM integration process management.

The UAM Integration Guidebook is based on the work presented in the AiRMOUR deliverables, which were developed during the course of a three-year, Horizon 2020 research and innovation project.

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