SESAR 3 airspace modernisation programme publishes U-space demonstration results

The European airspace modernisation research programme, SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking, has published the initial results from its U-space very large-scale demonstrations on the safe and secure integration of drones.

The brochure, Demonstrating the everyday benefits of U-space, details background, partners, objectives and achievements from the very large-scale demonstration programme.

The publication presents the initial results from seven research and innovation projects, namely one industrial research project and six very large-scale demonstrations:

AURA ATM: U-space interface (Industrial research, PJ.34)
CORUS-XUAM: Concept of operations for European U-space services – extension to urbanairmobility.
AMU-Led: Airmobility urban large experimental demonstrations
GOF2.0: Gulf of Finland 2.0 – Integrated urban airspace
TINDAIR: Tactical instrumental deconfliction and inflight resolution
SAFIR-Med: Safe and flexible integration of advanced U-space services for medical air mobility
USPACE4UAM: Bridging the gap between development and deployment of U-space services to enable the safe introduction of UAM in Europe
From 2020 to 2022, these projects carried out tests and trialled solutions aimed at showing the readiness of U-space to manage a broad range of drone operations and related applications, and their interactions, and their interaction with manned aviation.

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