SAFIR-MED poster shows new U-space airspace management concept

European SAFIR-Med project has released a poster to illustrate the Airspace Management Concept developed as part of its U-space research activities. This concept is a first step that will evolve based on experience acquired during this demonstration and emerging capabilities.

The SAFIR-Med project’s vision is to achieve safe, sustainable, socially accepted and socially beneficial urban air mobility. SAFIR-Med represents all value chain actors and stakeholder as either project partner (ATC, USPs, Operators, UAS Manufacturers, cities) or formal associate partner (major customers, technology & service providers) at a representative international level. Five unmanned UAV platforms (passenger eVTOL, Hydrogen fuel cell VTOL, AED medical drone, X8 medical transport) will be combined with manned aviation in real life exercises validating technology in real urban environment.

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