Russian statement sets out UAS strategy until 2030 highlighting agriculture and industry applications

Media reports quote a statement released by the Russian government setting out a strategy relating to Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) until 2030. According to a report published by Sputnikglobe re-published by UAS Vision, “Over the next 6.5 years, a new branch of the economy should appear in Russia related to the creation and use of civilian drones. This is the main goal of the strategy for the development of unmanned aircraft until 2030 and for the future until 2035. The decree for its approval has been signed,” said the government statement.

“The strategy covers five areas, among which is the stimulation of demand for domestic products and their development and mass production,” according to the reports.

“Other areas are the development of such infrastructure objects as airfields, heliports and drone ports; training of personnel for unmanned aircraft; as well as fundamental and advanced research in the field of unmanned aerial systems, the government noted.

The government added that it is also completing the formation of a national project for the development of UAS that will become the main management mechanism for the implementation of the adopted strategy, according to the Sputnikglobe report.

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