Real-world medical delivery demonstration in Michigan provides template for more flights

A mobility funding grant issued by Michigan state helped to fund a drone delivery network in southeast Michigan to transport medical items safely and efficiently.  Uncrewed Traffic Management (UTM) company Airspace Link provided its AirHub platform to perform the initial community assessments, including air and ground data analysis, to understand optimal routes and use cases to identify ideal partners as first movers on the network.  The company reports completion of a successful 10-day flight operation in the region supported by MissionGo, Beaumont Health, and metropolitan Detroit community leaders.

Airspace Link led the project, providing the digital infrastructure and data services required to enable the safe planning and execution of scalable drone delivery and logistics services using their proprietary AirHub platform.

The data collected from the 10 days of operations will include a transportation impact analysis, including an assessment of the opportunity to reduce carbon emissions and vehicle miles travelled as drone delivery operations scale. Ultimately, the data will be used to inform a model that the State of Michigan can use to help understand the tremendous impact that drones can have on the environment, the economy and, especially in this case, improved patient outcomes for healthcare providers when integrated at scale. The model can then be applied to any location in the State.

The final report and analysis will help companies and communities across Michigan and beyond, to better understand the viability and impact of safely integrating drone operations in their current workflows, enabling the environmental, economic, and societal benefits to be realized sooner.

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