Real-time simulation at DLR demonstrates RPAS integration in Düsseldorf approach

SESAR U-space research project INVIRCAT reports successful completion of a real-time simulation held at Germany’s DLR Flight Guidance Institute in the period 9-12 November 2021 with the purpose of validating the CONOPS for integration of remotely piloted aerial systems (RPAS) in the TMA environment developed by the project in the framework of the SESAR Exploratory Research.

Projecting themselves into a 2035 scenario, 4 air traffic controllers from the Italian ATCOs association ANACNA and from the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations (IFATCA) were requested to control a mixed simulated traffic including manned and unmanned aircraft at Düsseldorf approach in collaboration with 3 pseudo-pilots and 6 remote pilots. In 4 days, a total number of 32 measured runs was successfully executed, and 72 questionnaires collected.

The results of this real-time simulation will be compared and combined with the results of further two real-time simulations carried out by the project, respectively at NLR and CIRA premises, and will feed the consolidation of the INVIRCAT Concept of Operations (ConOps).

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