Raytheon enters UTM sector with new airspace integration solution, ITAAMS

Raytheon Intelligence & Space (RI&S) is developing a new product designed to support the integration of new entrants into airspace, aligned with US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and NASA development plans for drones, eVTOLs, and commercial space vehicles.

According to the company, RI&S is investing in a solution to help integrate the airspace and provide oversight across all aircraft types and airspace structures. This solution is known as the Integrated Transportation Airspace Mobility Services (ITAAMS). ITAAMS is an automation framework to support integrated airspace from the surface to near space, both for the US and globally. ITAAMS provides the capability for various airspace authorities such as traditional air navigation service providers (ANSP), and new entrants such as airline operators, municipalities or vertiports, to control analogue and digital aircraft operations.

Some of ITAAMS capabilities include:

  • Generating multiple routes and 4-dimensional trajectories for aircraft to ensure fair access for all entrants and avoiding congestion
  • Monitoring and maintaining situational awareness
  • Predicting and detecting crewed aircraft in its way

Watch the Youtube description here.

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