Poste Italiene, Leonardo and FlyingBasket compete cargo flight in Torino urban environment

Commercial drone operator FlyingBasket, Poste Italiane and Leonardo have demonstrated an urban cargo delivery in the Italian city of Torino.

The mission began from the coordination center of Poste Italiane in Torino (Piedmont, Italy), where delivery packages were transported by 2 heavy lift drones, designed, and operated by FlyingBasket, over the Stura di Lanzo river. FlyingBasket supplied the eVTOL cargo drone FB3 with 100kg payload capability.

One drone with a cargo compartment and another with a sling payload carried 26 Kg each over a 3.9 Km distance to the destination (total flight 7 Km). The sling payload with a cargo hook makes convenient delivery possible without the need for landing infrastructure whereas, the cargo compartment is designed to facilitate easier cargo handling. The demonstration set out a compelling instance for beyond pilots’ visual line of sight, or BVLOS flights in the advanced air mobility (AAM) context. 

Italian regulator ENAC granted the operational authorization in the city of Torino to FlyingBasket, based on the risk assessment, the demonstrated safety level of the operations and the design of the FB3 drones that once again proved their reliability in challenging environments. FlyingBasket says the UAM sector is gaining significant momentum, encouraging proactive measures by key stakeholders in supporting the development of automated and sustainable logistics. Along with regulators and industry leaders, FlyingBasket is determined to continue working towards offering efficient and flexible drone solutions in safety-critical environments across Europe and soon, worldwide. 

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