Paris 2023: French drone test centres sign MoU with European partners

Drone test centres across France and neighbouring European states have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for an international strategy for European drone actors. Partners include:

Normandie AeroEspace (NAE), Philipped Eudeline

Business France, Laurent Saint-Martin

Andualucia Aerospace Cluster Empresarial, Juan Roman Gallego

AWEX Almaty, Michel De Kempeneer

Skywin, Etienne Pourbaix

Cluster Aero-Space Technologies, Research and Applications, Vesselin Vassilev

Drone Think Do, Robert Delhaye

Hamburg Aviation, Ralf Gust.

The MoU signals a common intention to develop the sectors and enhance the value of SMEs internationally, in Europe and beyond.

Among initial projects is Prestigious, a European funded project. Inspection and Security Drones (Prestigious) targets two of the most advanced market segments with strong growth potential for European SMEs: Inspection and Security, looking at both VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) and BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) applications. The project will focus on four non-European countries (Chile, Nigeria, Sénégal and Canada), selected to meet the needs and service offer of European SMEs.

Prestigious will implement four main actions:

1 First, the UAV value chain will be assessed in Europe and in the targeted non-EU countries to identify the strengths of European SMEs.

2 The consortium will organise three fact-finding missions towards non-European countries to establish cluster-to-cluster contacts and identify stakeholders / potential end-users outside Europe.

3 Individual support will be provided to SMEs in Europe and training seminars will be organised to transfer the intelligence gathered.

4 The consortium will prepare a joint internationalisation strategy and implementation roadmap to establish an ESCP on UAVs. Through these actions, Prestigious will support at least 100 SMEs working on UAVs in Europe.

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