Paras Aerospace teams with High Lander to launch Universal UTM platform

Indian U-space services company Paras Aerospace Private and Israeli drone technology provider High Lander have launched a Universal Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) product. The solution is designed to enable professionals and commercial establishments to access drone features, such as preflight authorisation, mission changes and post-flight logs using the Universal UTM and Mission Control platform.

Universal UTM from High Lander is a airspace control platform that offers a UTM solution for managing increasingly crowded skies and enables efficient management of all aspects of airspace control with concept of universal integration of diverse autopilots. The system is designed to serve as an enabler for the BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) missions in India.

According to High Lander, the Mission Control Platform gives control over the drone operations by solving the obstacles limiting drone fleets. The platform builds, saves, and automates both recurring and ad-hoc missions through their intuitive operations center. It also controls all aspects of the missions from takeoff to landing. This allows for both complex and real-time tasks (including changes while in action) from the dashboard. High Lander cloud-based mission control platform is best suited for high end applications such as drone deliveries and perimeter inspection. The drone can be operated from any location in the world with an Android/IOS Device connected to the drone or on-board installation of High Lander protocol for all commercial DJI drones, Parrot drones, Proprietary Autopilots and Pixhawk based drones via the Internet. The High Lander Mission control platform provides live feed from the UAV to the ground control station with access of flight mission data.

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