Open consortium launched in India to develop a replicable model for drone logistics

Vyorius, EVA and Navifly have formed an open consortium for operators to Test, Validate and Adopt drone technology into their supply chains In India. The consortium intends to build business use cases with a replicable model for drone logistics and targets three areas:

  1. Achieving Economies of Scale (Launch fleet operations to serve my customers)
  2. 2. Landing & Storage (Infrastructure)
  3. 3. Compliance and Risk Assessment. (Traffic Management & SMS)

Consulting partner Jane Aerospace Pty is also contributing to the programme which aims to create a ‘plug and play’ ecosystem for drone logistics and unmanned fleet operations together, enabling service providers as well as Drone OEMs to be able to integrate their systems for large scale deployment.

The initiative supports real business use-cases for drone logistics and other fleet operations across India.

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