OneSky includes ResilienX in team prototyping Australian flight information management system

Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) company OneSky has selected ResilienX as part of its team to develop a prototype of a flight information management system (FIMS) for Airservices Australia. ResilienX joins Airbus and AAM Group on the OneSky team. OneSky is one of four companies selected by Airservices Australia in January 2022 to begin prototyping Australia’s first FIMS which will support the safe and efficient integration of emerging airspace users, including drone operators and air taxis, into Australia’s low-altitude airspace.

FIMS will form the basis of an enhanced air traffic system that will enable Airservices to share flight information between air traffic control, traditional aircraft, and new airspace users – ensuring crewed and uncrewed flights can operate safely together in Australian airspace. The four companies – ANRA Technologies, Altitude Angel, Frequentis Australasia and OneSky Systems – will participate in a competitive down-selection process to create a FIMS prototype tailored to the needs of Australia’s aviation industry, with in-field trials expected later this year.

Under the effort ResilienX will be providing their FRAIHMWORK software platform, which will help the team implement ISSA concepts, and achieve the safety-related requirements outlined by Airservices Australia.

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