Northrop Grumman-Pierce collaboration aims to expand market reach for small business remote ID services

Pierce Aerospace has entered into a mentor-protege relationship with Northrop Grumman Defense Systems Sector aimed at expanding its business footprint into the defence industrial base and government marketplaces, including advancing technical development and strengthening small business opportunities with the US Government.

Mentor-Protege programmes aid non-traditional defence contractors to grow their small businesses capabilities as a bridge to success when working with the US Government. This includes opportunities for technology mentorship and advancement of a small business’s structure, organization, and processes for working with and growing when contracting with the US Government, according to the Pierce Aerospace press release.

Northrop Grumman Defense Systems supports global customers at the tactical edge to: enable missions on the front lines of national security; deter near peer and asymmetric threats; and deliver readiness through modernization and sustainment of aircraft, software and electronics systems. Defense Systems continues to grow and nurture relationships with strategic partners and creates new relationships where synergies are found to enable better use of resources and maintain cost effective operations.

“We’re excited to work with Northrop Grumman in this Mentor-Protégé program,” said Aaron Pierce, CEO of Pierce Aerospace. “We’ve worked with Northrop to execute Remote ID integrations in the field with our Flight Portal ID technology suite and Northrop’s M-ACE counter-drone and Forward Area Air Defense C2 (FAAD C2) products. Northrop is an advocate for our Remote ID / Combat ID technology and this is a great alignment as FAAD C2 is selected for use with the US Army-led Joint Counter UAS office. Importantly, this mentor program bolsters our vision for growth as Northrop brings it’s experience and expertise to aid in the development of our overall business capabilities.

“This relationship is a great fit for advancing Flight Portal ID with much needed Remote ID and Combat ID capabilities across the C-UAS and UTM environments,” said Pierce. “Northrop Grumman has vast technical experience in developing open architectures and common operating pictures that provide capabilities to other industry parties, such as through the FAAD C2 product. We too operate with a mission objective of providing interoperation of Flight Portal ID across government and private sector UAS systems, including UTM, C-UAS, and UAS OEMs.

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