North Texas Airspace Awareness project integrates Aloft Technologies’ UTM services

Aloft Technologies has been selected to participate in the North Texas Airspace Awareness Project which aims to integrate Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) solutions, including scalable drone delivery and air taxis, into the region’s airspace. Aloft will bring its experience in dynamic airspace operations and remote identification technologies to the programme.

Phase I of the project will focus on cities across North Texas leveraging Aloft Geo to publish local safety advisories across the Aloft platform, including B4UFLY. Aloft’s role will support the safe and efficient integration of various aerial activities, from commercial drone operations to the anticipated advent of air taxis.

North Texas already hosts the FAA UTM Key Site and various Supplemental Data Service Providers (SDSPs), including advanced weather data and DSS systems, and the North Texas Airspace Awareness Project is paving the way for a new era in low-altitude airspace management.

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