New unmanned mobility enterprise aims to accelerate standards development

A group of senior executives and aviation experts have launched a new company called AccelerātUM to expedite unmanned mobility operations. AccelerātUM is an inclusive, non-partisan, privately funded collaborative developing consensus-based solutions for the unmanned mobility industry by bringing together commercial end-users, municipalities, emergency service providers, manufacturers, technology providers, researchers, and regulators.

Michael Huerta, Co-founder, and former Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Administrator said, “Unmanned aircraft systems are growing at a fast rate and the standard regulatory processes are slower and more deliberative by design.  This poses a risk to the safety and security of our critical infrastructure and the National Airspace System.” Huerta continued, “AccelerātUM was created to accelerate the development and implementation of policies, standards, and best practices necessary to address that risk.”

“AccelerātUM is a different type of collaborative organization,” said Lessing Stern, Co-founder, and Chairman of the Board.  “We founded AccelerātUM to address the need for consensus-based solutions to the complex and ambiguous problems the unmanned mobility industry is facing today.”

James Williams, Co-founder and former Director of the FAA’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Integration Office said, “The unmanned mobility industry has always discussed the need to find ways to accelerate the integration of UAS into the US airspace.”

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