New EUROCAE standards work group examines ways to integrate UAS in all airspaces

Following approval by the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) on 16 January 2019, EUROCAE’S WG-105 recently launched four new activities, added to its updated Terms of Reference (ToR) to further support safe integration of UAS in all airspaces. The kick off meeting was held at EUROCAE, St Denis on the 13 and 14 February where more than 20 experts from WG-105, including a few new comers, attended the 2-day meeting organised by WG-105 leadership and EUROCAE staff.

Through joint sessions and specific breakout sessions, the participants were introduced to WG-105, its specificity, objectives and organisation, and were able to refine a detailed work programme for each activity:

  • An internal report on Safe Design standards (“Safe-D”) for UAS in Specific Operations category, expected by Q3/2019 from Sub-Group 61;
  • A guidance document on the use of multi-GNSS (“GNSS”) for UAS, expected by Q4/2019 from Sub-Group 62;
  • A guidance document on UAS Automatic Flight Envelope Protection from human errors (“Autoprot.”), expected by Q4/2019 from Sub-Group 63;
  • A Guidance document on generic FHA for UAS, expected by Q4/2019 from Sub-Group 41.

These activities will be performed by the related Sub-Groups (SG) of the Focus Teams (FT) on Design & Airworthiness (D&AW) and on Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA). EUROCAE deliverables are expected in time to support implementation of Specific Operations for drones and provide guidance material to EASA for regulations on certified drones.

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