LightWare microlidar technology offers collision avoidance capability for small UAS

LightWare’s latest addition to its scanning LiDAR range, the SF45, offers scanning capability for applications such as collision avoidance, navigation, detect and avoid, height above ground altitude, and obstacle detection for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) says the company press release.

The SF45 lightweight scanning microLiDAR sensor weighs a 59 grams and measures only 51 mm x 48 mm x 44 mm – roughly the size of a golf ball. The SF45 is designed to provide fast, accurate distance and speed measurements. It has ranging capabilities of 0.2m up to 50m, which can be adjusted from 20 degrees up to 320 degrees to adapt to sensing needs and has horizontal or vertical Field of View (FoV) – depending on the application.

The LiDAR is designed to work in all light conditions – even in direct sunlight – to support rapid and high-accuracy obstacle detection. It features an update rate of up to 5000 readings per second.

The SF45 provides multiple hardware interfaces that allows it to connect to a variety of different controller types. All data on the SF45 is processed on-board to provide real-time results to aid navigation and detect obstacles.

Applications include UAS, unmanned ground vehicles or robots where size and weight are critical design factors.

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