Leonardo expands naval turret range to combat asymmetric threats including mini- and micro-drones

Leonardo launched two new additions to its range of LIONFISH turrets during Seafuture, 5-8 June, La Spezia. The LIONFISH 30 and the HITFIST 30 HL are remote-controlled turrets equipped with an integral 30mm X-GUN, Leonardo’s ITAR-free, electrically-powered weapon system.

The LIONFISH family is designed to meet the ever-growing demand for light multi-role solutions for patrol, protection and defence of installations. To fulfil different operational requirements, the family comprises three 12.7 mm turrets (Ultralight, Inner Reloading and Top), the 20 mm LIONFISH 20 and the 30 mm LIONFISH 30. Each turret can calculate the firing solution independently and comes with a coaxial electro-optical unit with a high-definition daylight camera, infrared camera and laser rangefinder for target tracking.

The latest addition to the family, the LIONFISH 30, is compact and light, says Leornardo. It comes with the new electrically powered LIONFISH 30mm X-GUN. The latter, developed in-house and ITAR-free, integrates air burst – AHEAD (Advanced Hit Efficiency And Destruction) ammunition for greater effectiveness against any type of asymmetric threat, including mini- and micro-drones. The use of artificial intelligence optimises its simultaneous engagement of multiple threats. The turret also features a high firing rate and a high operating range.

For the land domain, Leonardo presented the HITFIST 30 UL (Unmanned Light) remote-controlled turret. More compact and lighter than other HITFIST family variant, the system can be installed on vehicles with stringent weight restrictions, such as amphibious models. It is effective against all types of asymmetrical threats via the use of air burst ammunition, says Leonardo.

(Image: Leonardo)

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