Leeds Bradford Airport to deploy Altitude Angel’s Approval Services platform

Leeds Bradford Airport has selected Altitude Angel’s Approval Services platform to provide drone operators, and in the future eVTOL pilots, the ability to request and pay for operations within the airport’s airspace digitally via the platform.

Altitude Angel’s Approval Services platform allows drone operators to submit flight plans, which take place in part wholly or in part, within an airport’s FRZ, quickly and securely, as well as facilitating any charges the airport have in place when a flight is approved.

Jamie Babbin, Leeds Bradford Airport Operations Manager, said: “Surrounded by a number of towns, villages and industrial estates, the airport has been dealing with an increasing number of requests to fly within the FRZ from both commercial and recreational drone operators. The Approval Services platform allows us to receive all required information from the drone operator in an easy-to-use format, enabling us to quickly assess and decide whether we can allow the flight, or need to request an amendment to the flight plan before approving it.”

Chris Forster, Altitude Angel, Chief Operating Officer, added: “As a forward-thinking airport, Leeds Bradford Airport is laying the digital foundation stones for future airspace users. Whilst drone operators will be the first to benefit from this deployment, the use of the platform will scale as UAM services come on-line.”

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