Latvian CAA retrieves missing experimental VTOL drone from remote forest

The missing 26kg drone built by Latvia’s UAVFactory has been located according to a press release issued by Latvia’s State Aviation Authority (CAA). The experimental Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft design was undertaking a phased test flight to attempt a 90-hour world endurance record when it went missing on 2 May 2020. It was found in a forest in Garkalne district on 15 May 2020. The CAA and representatives of the drone owner visited the scene where the State Fire and Rescue Service was involved in its safe removal.  It was handed over to the CAA for further investigation.

Information on flight conditions from drone media is currently being carefully analysed. So far, the CAA has received answers to important questions of the investigation, for example, it is known that the drone landed on May 2 at 19.48. Currently, the information about the entire trajectory of the drone after the loss of communication with the control panel is being restored.

At the same time, the data obtained during the investigation will provide answers to important questions, such as the reasons for the failure of the communication and navigation systems, the automatic landing or emergency stop function in the event of an emergency, and others. The information obtained from the data carriers, together with other information obtained during the investigation, will allow to draw more complete conclusions about the circumstances of the incident.

The CAA thanked the public, the media and other involved institutions for their support in the search for unmanned aircraft.

(Image: Latvian CAA)

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