Kittyhawk launches LAANC 2.0, with airspace authorisations for Android customers

Kittyhawk reports it has completed the official FAA onboarding process to offer the latest features of LAANC 2.0 to enterprise customers and mobile app users across its platform. According to a company blog: “LAANC 2.0 means it has all the latest FAA data sources, rules and requirements packaged into one seamless workflow… starting today, Kittyhawk offers LAANC authorizations from our desktop web application and from our Android application, including Crystal Sky.”

The new format sees the introduction of LAANC to Kittyhawk Android users.

“We’ve taken UX and design insights gained from thousands of iOS LAANC authorizations and applied them to the Android platform that is popular with many of our public safety and energy customers. It’s the same flow you use in iOS, interfacing with the same powerful API, but now available to you on any device you prefer. And of course, they’ll all tie in with Kittyhawk Dynamic AirspaceTM to show all of your active and scheduled authorizations across your team.

“Now, anyone on the platform can once again apply for auto-approval of LAANC authorizations up to 90 days in advance, whether you’re an app store user or an enterprise customer. We consulted with our partners at the FAA and together decided that planning flights as far as possible in advance is in the best interest of safe operations in the NAS. Advanced operations that require “Further Coordination” will continue to be an enterprise-only feature.”

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