JARUS releases for comment SORA 2.5 Annex H for specific category unmanned operations

The Joint Authorities for Rulemaking of Unmanned Systems (JARUS) Working Group SRM has published an external consultation paper relating to SORA 2.5 Annex H. The document is compatible with the upcoming SORA 2.5 package release instead of the currently widely utilized SORA 2.0.

This Annex extends the SORA with requirements for external service providers in the context of supporting Specific Category (JARUS Cat B) UAS operations. It delineates how responsibilities may be divided between the UAS operator and the Safety Service Provider. Safety Services considered in this version of the Annex include:
– Ground Risk Operations Planning Safety Service, to support intrinsic GRC identification and strategic ground risk mitigations,
– Air Risk Operational Volumes Safety Service, to support ARC identification and strategic mitigation for the operational volume,
– Tactical Conflict Detection and Alerting Safety Service, which may be used during flight operations to help operators detect manned aircraft, and may be incorporated as part of TMPR compliance.
The document has been prepared by WG-SRM and it has been approved by the JARUS Plenary Team for External Consultation.
This draft is compatible and intended for use with the following JARUS documents:
– SORA Main Body 2.5 draft for External Consultation in December 2022.
– SORA Annex B 2.5 draft for External Consultation in December 2022.
– SORA Annex C 1.0. – SORA Annex D 1.0.
These documents serve as a reference for the external consultation of Annex H.

Access the document here

Deadline for comments 27 March 2024

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